ZongHeng Technology

Full Automatic Single And Double Shaft Precision Winding Tape Wrapping Machine

Product Features

1. Precision automatic winding simulating manual wire arrangement. The automatic system forms a closed-loop fine-tuning production process with the wire arrangement and winding system through the real-time detection device, It can correct the cumulative difference between the wire arrangement and winding in multi-turn and multi-layer winding at any time so as to complete, such as automobile solenoid valve. The whole column of electromagnetic coils, such as automobile motors, is tightly wound. Get rid of the low efficiency and unstable factors of this kind of coil relying on manual wiring production. It has the unique technology of wire arrangement with a lead slot reserved for the automobile relay coil, which can automatically complete the whole column close winding and Slot Reserved coil of the automobile relay.

2. The main shaft and YXZ in each direction are driven by a CNC AC servo motor, ensuring each shaft has fast & accurate running speed and positioning.

a. Can wind wire at the terminal.

b. Easy replacement of winding bobbins: Simple & easy operation by choosing relative programmed data in the controller and replacing the instant fixture (jig).

c.Wire end treatment method:

1. Cut off by pulling or cutting off with pneumatic scissors.

2. The waste wire falls into the waste wire slot.

d. User can edit program by 7-inch LCD touch screen. Man-machine interactive visual education system, the operation is like What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

e. Quick change axial fixture.

3. High speed and high precision improve coil wire winding quality.

4. High speed and high precision. Die steel nozzle guide rod, with perpendicularity less than 0.01mm (within 500mm) and parallelism less than 0.01mm (within 500mm), high mechanical repeated positioning accuracy, and stable operation.

5. The main shaft and XYZ shafts adopt AC servo motors. Ensure fast and precise running speed and positioning speed of each axis.

6. The control area is equipped with START and EMERGENCY STOP buttons, which are easy, simple, and safe for operation.

Additional information

Main Spindle Distance


Main Spindle Running Direction

360° per turn

Nos Of Main Spindles

2 spindles

Main Spindle Max. Running Speed


XYZ travel distance

X 100mm
Y 60mm
Z 60mm

Main Spindle Servo Motor Power


Wire Size Range

0.1 ~ 0.6 mm

Power Supply

AC 220V/50Hz

Power Consumption


Bobbin Max. Outer Diameter


Quick Fixture (Jig) Inner Diameter


Nozzle Rod Moving Servo Motor Power

Y 400W
Y 400W
Z 400W

Nozzle Rod Moving Speed


Compressed Air Pressure

0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa

L x W x H



About 300kg