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Full Automatic 2 Spindles Internal Winding Machine

Product Features

Product Features:

1. The main shaft and XYZ shafts adopt AC servo motors. Ensure fast and precise running speed and positioning speed of each axis.

2. The user can edit the program with a 7-inch LCD touchscreen. Man-machine interactive visual education system, the operation is like What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

3. The base adopts seamless welding of steel plate, with large load-bearing, noise reduction, and vibration reduction, so as to increase the stability of the machine.

4. Adopt the Taiwan TPI guide rail and ball screw to ensure the accuracy of positioning and repeated positioning of the machine.

5. Every step of high-speed spindle assembly is subject to strict quality control, low noise, and long service life.

6. This winding machine has 2 spindles or 4 spindles, which realizes the best cost performance of the equipment.

7. At the same time as high-speed winding, the machine can control and process the winding process, carry out multi-axis synchronous and orderly winding, arrange the winding, and complete the special process with high winding requirements.

8. Automatic winding wire head and tail, automatic winding wire, automatic spreading wire arrangement, automatic transposition, and automatic clipping.

Additional information

Scope Of Application

a. The winding machine is suitable for winding the stator of brushless inner slot motor.
b. Tensioner wire size range: Φ0.25 ~ 0.6mm
c. Iron core maximum thickness 100mm
d. Iron core outer circle 210mm

Features & Description

a. Controlled by servo motor, the winding wire is arranged neatly.
b. The head and tail of enamelled wire shall be automatically hung to the design position, and the wire shall pass through the slot along the slot in the same phase winding.
c. Two spindles winding, distance between spindles is 180mm.
d.Winding mode: rotate the iron core clockwise and anti-clockwise

Product qualification rate

a. The defective rate of winding processes such as broken wire and poor insulation after winding is less than 98%.
b. The total number of turns and pinholes of each phase is less than 5

Winding Machine Operation

a. The stack thickness is 80mm, the height of one side of the skeleton is 25mm, and the wire diameter is Φ0.8mm, 9-slot stator, normal operating speed 30 ~ 150rpm.
b. The stack thickness is 25mm, the height of one side of the skeleton is 17mm, and the wire diameter Φ0.32mm, 12-slot stator, normal operating speed 30rpm

Equipment Configuration

a. The die is made of aluminum alloy.
b. According to the product size, a set of tooling fixture is equipped.
c. Provide 2 spare parts of wire nozzles

Parameter Requirements Of Tensioner

a. The actual required tension value can be adjusted. The tension is stable during operation, and there is no loose or broken wire.
b. The tension demand value is digitally adjustable;

Quick Operation Requirements

a. Design and install quick devices (such as not limited to locating pins, quick bolts, locating fixtures, etc.)
b. The molds and equipment spare parts and accessories of the same manufacturer shall be standardized and interchangeable, and the reformed molds and accessories shall be consistent with the original equipment.

Safety Requirements

a. The equipment meets ROHS requirements; The equipment shall operate without oil leakage and environmental pollution.
b. The equipment adopts manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation mode. There is protective glass on the side of the equipment and manual operation sensor on the front. It can be shut down in time during manual operation (without power failure).
c In case of any abnormality in the production process, it can immediately give an alarm and take protective measures to prevent personal injury or damage to the equipment.
d. With grating protection, the machine can be shut down in time (without power failure) during manual operation without potential safety hazards.