ZongHeng Technology

Fine Wire Precision Winding Machine

Product Features

1. The spindle box of the winding machine adopts castings (non-standard blocks) with large load-bearing, noise reduction and vibration reduction, so as to increase the stability of the machine.

2. Taiwan TBI guide rail and ball screw ensure the accuracy of positioning and repeated positioning.

3. Every step of high-speed spindle assembly is subject to strict quality control, with high speed, low noise and long service life.

4. The bobbin in place detection device can detect the bobbin that is not installed in place, and give an alarm and stop the machine in time to ensure that the guide needle is not interrupted.

5. Die steel nozzle guide rod, with perpendicularity less than 0.01mm (within 500mm), parallelism less than 0.01mm (within 500mm) / full length and reliable accuracy.

6. Main shaft and XYZ shafts adopt AC servo motors. Ensure fast and precise running speed and positioning speed of each axis.

7. User can edit program by 7-inch LCD touch screen. Man-machine interactive visual education system, the operation is like What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

8. The control area is equipped with START and EMERGENCY STOP buttons, which is easy, simple, safe for operation.

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