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Modern CNC coil winding machines can wind coils very fast, from 500 to 2500 RPM. This fast winding helps create products with amazing precision and efficiency. It shows how far technology in coil winding has come, benefiting many industries.

ZongHeng, established in 2007, makes top-notch CNC coil winding machines in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. They have three modern production lines and can make up to 2,000 machines every year. Their machines meet high global quality standards, earning praise from places like Japan, Europe, and the USA.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Winding speeds vary between 500 RPM to 2500 RPM for optimal precision and efficiency.
  • ZongHeng was established in 2007 and operates from Dongguan, Guangdong Province.
  • The company boasts an annual production capacity of 2,000 units across three production lines.
  • Products adhere to international standards, gaining approvals from Japan, Europe, and the USA.
  • ZongHeng serves a global market, selling to buyers in about 30 countries worldwide.

Introduction to CNC Coil Winding Technology

CNC winding technology has changed the way we make inductors, transformers, and other coil-based parts. It relies on computer systems to wind coils with extreme accuracy. This boosts productivity in many fields. CNC machines have become key in modern manufacturing.

What is CNC Coil Winding?

CNC coil winding uses computer systems to wrap wire around a core precisely. This methods creates components crucial in electrical engineering and more. The biggest benefits are better accuracy, less errors by people, and ability to handle complex designs. These systems are now essential for making reliable coils quickly and without error.

The Evolution of Coil Winding Machines

Coil winding technology has come a long way. It started with manual winding, which was slow and error-prone. Then, semi-automatic machines offered a better option, improving precision and speed.

But, the game-changer was fully automated machines. They brought unmatched precision, speed, and consistency. CNC technology further improved these, leading to less human error and easier design changes.

“Automated coil winding machines now offer real-time monitoring and analysis of critical parameters during the winding process, bolstering quality control and ensuring superior consistency.” – Industry Expert

Modern CNC winding can work with various materials like magnet wires and insulating tapes. These advancements mean we have automated systems that improve how products are made. They help save money, make work safer, and adjust to increased demand. These machines are crucial in making products last longer and perform better.

Features of CNC Coil Winding Machines

Modern CNC coil winding machines bring a lot to the table. They have top-notch features for better work in industries. Things like precision, automation, and safety make them a must-have for many uses.

Precision and Accuracy

CNC coil winding gear is known for its accuracy. This is really important when making things like inductors. It can control many winding details like core size and speed.

Here are some examples:

  • Core Diameter: 0.5mm, Wire size: 0.0762mm, Winding Pitch: 0.085mm, Winding Speed: 1500 RPM, Total Windings: 1765
  • Core Diameter: 3mm, Wire size: 0.1mm x 0.3mm Flat stainless steel, Winding Pitch: 0.5mm / 1mm, 3mm Mandrel Winding Speed: 1200 RPM
  • CNC miniature toroidal coil winders: Wire diameters ranging from 0.07mm to 0.127mm, Achieving a winding speed of 4-6 seconds per piece

The machines have high-tech nozzles, like ones with ruby tips. This helps them stay accurate and work smoothly.

Automated Processes

These machines can work on their own for part of the process. This makes work faster and less hands-on. They can work with different wire sizes and speeds, processing up to 50 pieces a minute.

They work wonders with:

  • CNC wireless charging coil winders: Winding wire section range of 1-8mm², Maximum production speed of 2 pieces per minute
  • CNC speaker coil fly winding machines: Winding wire range of 0.02-0.1mm, Production capacity of up to 5 pieces per minute

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority when working with these machines. They are built with safety in mind. If something goes wrong, they can stop on their own. This keeps the workplace safe and work on making good coils without worry.

Component Specification
Wire size 0.0762mm (13 AWG approx)
Winding Speed 1500 RPM
Total Windings (Magnetic Wire Tensioner Kit) 5000
Production Speed 30 to 50 pieces per minute
Winding Wire Section Range 1-8mm²
Winding Speed (CNC miniature toroidal coil winders) 4-6 seconds per piece

Advantages of CNC Winding Systems

ZongHeng leads in developing CNC coil winding machines for over 25 years. They create efficient solutions for today’s manufacturing needs. Their systems meet high-volume production needs with top accuracy.

Efficiency and Speed

CNC winding systems boost how fast production happens. They work quicker than humans, leading to more products in less time. Using these machines can make production 50% more efficient compared to doing it by hand.

Consistency in Production

CNC winding systems make coils with the same quality every time. They ensure each coil meets the customer’s needs. This cuts down on mistakes and reworking. Also, these machines can work with various wire types, making them good for different uses.

Reduced Manual Labor

Automated machines mean less manual work is needed. These CNC systems are easy to use and strong. They cut production costs by 40% and lessen workers’ hard work by 70%. This makes the work environment safer and more efficient.

Advanced Coil Winding Solutions from ZongHeng

Since 2007, ZongHeng has been a top producer of precision CNC coil winding machines in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. They focus on crafting advanced solutions for the aerospace, military, nuclear, and electronics industries. Their dedication to quality and innovation makes them a standout in coil winding technology.

Overview of ZongHeng’s Technology

ZongHeng boosts the precision and reliability of their CNC coil winding machines with cutting-edge technology. Each year, they’re able to produce up to 2000 units across three lines. This ensures every machine is highly efficient and accurate. They use automated winding to increase production and reduce mistakes, ensuring top-notch coil manufacturing.

International Approvals and Standards

ZongHeng’s coil winding technology meets strict international standards in Japan, Europe, and the USA. This means their equipment is reliable and meets global rules. Their commitment to these high standards has made them a trusted choice internationally.

Global Reach and Distribution

ZongHeng products are now in over 30 countries, showcasing their strong international presence. Their ability to meet diverse industry needs has earned them acceptance all over the world. Check out how ZongHeng is impacting markets worldwide below:

Industry Region Market Share Response Rate
Aerospace North America 30% 84.6%
Military Western Europe 40% 90.6%
Nuclear Power Asia 20% 60.0%

ZongHeng’s focus on meeting global standards and crafting specialized solutions for every industry makes them a key player. Their dependable CNC coil winding technology ensures their lasting success and further growth worldwide.

Types of CNC Coil Winding Machines

In precision manufacturing, ZongHeng provides various CNC coil winding machines for different needs. These machines are known for being both versatile and highly efficient. They are divided into distinct types to serve special industrial tasks.

Mini Coil Winder

The Mini Coil Winder fits perfectly for operations with limited space, needing high precision. It’s a small but highly capable CNC coil winding machine. This machine excels at creating precise coils, offering exact control.

200mm Coil Winder

The 200mm Coil Winder is great for medium-duty winding tasks. This CNC machine can handle various wire sizes and winding styles. Thanks to its strong design, it ensures each coil is made with precision and dependability.

Custom 600mm Coil Winder

The Custom 600mm Coil Winder is specifically for heavy-duty and customized work. It’s known for meeting specific needs in large or unique winding projects. This machine is feature-rich, allowing for a wide variety of coil sizes and designs.

Machine Type Primary Use Key Features
Mini Coil Winder Small-scale operations Compact, high accuracy, consistent results
200mm Coil Winder Medium-duty applications Versatility, robust build, reliable performance
Custom 600mm Coil Winder Heavy-duty or specialized tasks Customizable, advanced features, wide range adaptability

ZongHeng’s CNC coil winding machines are a crucial part of the modern manufacturing scene. They include the Mini Coil Winder, 200mm Coil Winder, and Custom 600mm Coil Winder. These machines offer precise engineering and great flexibility for various industrial needs.

Understanding the Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of CNC coil winding equipment are key. They show the machine’s abilities and if it fits specific needs. Knowing these specs helps pick the right equipment for production needs.

technical specifications

Core Diameter and Wire Size

The core diameter impacts how wire wraps on the coil. CNC coil winding machines handle various wire sizes. High-Speed Bench Winders, for example, work with wire from 50-20 AWG. This shows they’re good for many uses.

Winding Speed and Pitch

Winding speed and pitch affect how well coils are made. High-speed machines, reaching 9000 RPM, are great for fast production. Winding pitch lets you place the wire precisely for even coil shapes.

Machine Resolution and Accuracy

CNC coil winding machines’ resolution and accuracy mean precise winding. Better resolution places wire more accurately, reducing mistakes and improving coil quality. Advanced machines switch easily between coil designs.

CNC technology in winding machines cuts down on mistakes and offers customization. Toroidal/CNC Linear Winding Machines work well for automated or small-batch winding. They are perfect for the electronics sector.

Knowing about core diameter, wire size, winding speed, pitch, and resolution helps manufacturers choose the best CNC coil winding equipment for their use.

Software Integration for CNC Coil Winders

Adding software to CNC coil winders makes them work better. They get more accurate and do their job faster. This new method not only takes away boring work but also gives people more control.

Custom Software Features

The latest CNC coil winders come with special software features. They can handle multiple tasks at once and do things quickly. This software is designed to fit different needs easily.

For example, these systems can use driver modules that are both fast and accurate. They create electric pulses at a high rate, up to 500 KPPS. Plus, they can accurately move in tiny steps, just 0.001mm each time.

Benefits of Software Control

Using software in CNC winding has many pluses. It gives more freedom, works more efficiently, and is much more exact. It uses strong parts, like the MC68HC000 chip that goes up to 25MHz. And it can handle more complex tasks thanks to Lattice’s ispM4A running at up to 160MHz. This all leads to making more coils in less time.

It also allows makers to create their own systems using development kits. This way, they can do even more with their machines.

System Requirements

Getting software to work in CNC coil winders right needs specific things. They need drivers that can move fast and work in real time. They have to be able to connect with Windows too.

Using special converters helps control the winding process better. The system also has many input and output points for managing speed.

Lastly, special software in CNC coil winders is a big step forward. It makes making coils easier and faster. This puts companies like ZongHeng ahead in the coil-making business.

Guidance on Choosing the Right CNC Coil Winder

Choosing a CNC coil winding machine involves looking at key factors. You need to ensure it meets your specific needs for performance and compatibility. This evaluation is critical for an informed choice.

Factors to Consider

When picking a CNC coil winding machine, key elements need examination. These include:

  • Coil Size: Look at the largest and smallest coil sizes the machine can handle.
  • Wire Diameter: Check the range of wire sizes it can efficiently wind.
  • Winding Speed: This is the rate the machine works at while still being precise.
  • Level of Automation: Consider if it’s manual, semi-automated, or fully automated for your needs.

Comparing Different Models

When looking at CNC coil winding machines, comparing models is vital. For instance, Itasca Automation Systems provides various models with advanced tensioning for accurate winding. Important points to compare are:

  • Automation Level: See if they range from manual to fully automated CNC systems.
  • Special Features: Check for things like multi-spindle winding or custom software controls.
  • Performance Metrics: This is about the accuracy, speed, and consistency of each machine.

Customization Options

Customizing CNC coil winding machines helps meet specific production needs. You can make machines that focus on the Q factor, insulation strength, inductance, and magnetic field strength. Some customization options are:

  1. Software Integration: Use custom software to control the winding process.
  2. Mechanical Adjustments: Adapt the machine to use different wire sizes and coil types.
  3. Advanced Features: Add options like automated feeding and adjustable tension systems.

Manufacturers can make the right choice by looking at these aspects, comparing different models, and examining customization options. This approach ensures the CNC coil winding machine will match their production needs.

Case Study: Successful Implementation

ZongHeng is dedicated to creating top-notch CNC coil winding machines. They set up shop in 2007 in Dongguan, China. Each year, they make 2000 machines that are known for their high quality. These machines are used worldwide and have boosted productivity and quality for many companies.

Client Testimonials

Customers rave about ZongHeng’s CNC machines for making work easier. They mention how these machines cut down the time it takes to make things and make the products much more accurate. A car company customer said, “Our manual decoiler needed more workers before. Now, ZongHeng’s machines run smoothly and we don’t need extra hands.” A tech company customer loves how easy it is to keep the machines running and how they work without stopping.

Real-world Applications

ZongHeng’s machines are champions at handling big coils and heavy wires. They’re built to beat common problems in making things like issues with the products coming loose or telescoping in hot processes. Their machines make it easy to set and keep to the right settings, helping many different types of businesses.

ZongHeng isn’t stopping there. They’re working on a new motorized decoiler machine to make production even smoother. This effort fits in with ZongHeng’s commitment to always make their machines better. These precision and reliable machines are helping in car making, tech, and other industries around the globe.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

Keeping your CNC coil winding equipment running well is key. This means regular checks and quick fixes. Know the common issues and have a go-to support team. This ensures the machine keeps working smoothly.

Regular Maintenance Practices

Maintain your machine to avoid delays and high costs. Check parts like bearings for wear. Regularly lubing moving parts stops them from getting too hot and malfunctioning.

It’s also important to keep scissors sharp. This stops yarn from breaking during winding. Make sure tension across the yarn is even. This helps avoid tangles and ensures tight winding.

Common Issues and Solutions

If the package doesn’t rotate, it might be the ratchet wheel jammed with dirt. Keep it clean. If yarn keeps sticking to the package, you might need to change the sensors for breakage.

Air leaks from suction nozzles waste energy. Check and tighten air connections often. If yarn clearers fail, fix them to maintain yarn quality. For splicing issues, carefully adjust the setup.

Technical Support

Knowing how to troubleshoot CNC machines is crucial. If there’s a power-up issue, having expert help can cut repair time. ZongHeng provides great support for these needs.

Make sure your staff is well-trained. This prevents many problems. The right training can stop issues before they start.

Future Trends in CNC Coil Winding

The coil winding market is changing fast. New trends in CNC winding technology will impact the way things are done.

Emerging Technologies

New tech is about to make major changes in CNC winding. It will make things work better and more tailored to specific needs. Expect improvements thanks to automation and better control systems. These will make winding coils quicker and with higher quality.

This tech is needed more as industries like electric cars and clean energy grow. It allows for the making of more complex coil solutions.

future trends

Market Predictions

The coil winding machine market is set for big growth. It’s believed to hit a value of US$ 4 billion by 2023. This growth will be steady, with a 7.2% increase each year until 2033. Such a rise is due to the world using more electrical items, electric cars, and clean energy sources.

The Asia Pacific area will drive a significant part of this market, growing faster than others because of its strong industry.

Special machines for winding coils will see a big boost. With new improvements in CNC, these machines will become more effective and flexible. This will help them meet a wider array of industry demands. Major players like Synthesis India Pvt. Ltd., ACME Mechatronics, Inc., and Broomfield will likely lead the charge in innovation.

Benefits of Automation in Coil Winding

Automation in coil winding has many advantages. This change makes manufacturing faster and better. Moving from manual to automatic winding has transformed industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, and telecommunications.

Improved Productivity

Before, hand winding took a lot of time and there were often mistakes. Semi-automatic coil winding machines helped a little by being more precise and efficient. But, real gains came with fully automated machines. These machines set new standards for accuracy, speed, and consistency.

CNC technology in these machines reduces errors. It makes sure wire tension, how the wire moves (traverse speed), and spacing are very accurate.

Cost Savings

Automation brings big savings. Fully automated systems are very flexible. This means they can work more, reducing downtime, and do more in less time.

They are also good at handling materials on their own. This keeps production running without people needing to step in. This reduces waste and uses wires better, saving a lot of money.

Quality Assurance

Automated machines watch quality closely. They reduce problems and make sure coils are exactly as they should be. This consistent high-quality work is very important for companies.

Companies using these modern machines are more efficient. They can meet different needs with better accuracy and more precision.

Exploring ZongHeng’s CNC Coil Winding Machine Innovations

ZongHeng has led the way in coil winding since 2007. They aim to be the best by listening to customers, following industry changes, and always coming up with new ideas. This keeps their coil winding machines at the top of precision technology.

Recent Product Developments

ZongHeng is focused on better automated coil winding. Their new machines are smarter, more accurate, and more reliable. These machines are perfect for fields like aerospace, military, and nuclear power, meeting their high standards.

Customer Feedback

Listening to what customers need is crucial for ZongHeng. They adjust their machines to fit specific needs, making sure businesses worldwide get what they require. Clients are happy with ZongHeng’s reliable, versatile, and top-quality machines.

Industry Awards and Recognition

ZongHeng’s efforts have won them many awards. These honors show they meet the world’s quality standards, proving their excellence in the coil winding business. They also make sure their machines meet regulations wherever they are used around the globe.

Innovations Customer Feedback Industry Recognition
Advanced features enhancing efficiency and precision Positive reviews for customization and reliability Awarded for innovation and quality compliance
Integration of the latest technology High satisfaction with adaptable solutions Global standard compliance
Increased production speeds and quality Preferred by industries like aerospace and military Recognized across multiple international markets

ZongHeng’s focus on new ideas, backed by happy customers and many awards, marks them as a top technology provider for CNC coil winding machines.


ZongHeng is a top maker of precise CNC machines for winding coils. Started in 2007, the company is known for quality and new tech in China. It has three production lines and makes 2000 units each year. ZongHeng’s machines are used in 30 countries.

Their CNC machines are used in many fields, like making electronics or mining equipment. They offer many types of machines, from manual to digital ones. These products make specific coil designs and can match different production styles.

One key machine ZongHeng offers is for making power transformers in tough spots. They also make machines for making different coil sizes, like for ceiling fans. These machines use special winding techniques to meet modern manufacturing needs.

In short, ZongHeng leads in making CNC coil winding machines that push technology limits. Their focus on innovation and precision is clear in every product they offer. This helps companies worldwide make better products in many areas.


What is CNC Coil Winding?

CNC Coil Winding makes parts like inductors and transformers. Computer machines control the process. This makes work more precise and faster for many companies.

What are the evolution and advantages of CNC winding technology?

CNC winding tech started with manual efforts. Now, it’s all about smart, precise machines. These tools need less human work and can handle big tasks easily.

How do modern CNC coil winding machines ensure precision and accuracy?

Today’s CNC coil machines are top-notch. They use the latest winding methods and safety tech. This guarantees the coils they make are always in top shape.

What are the benefits of automated coil winding systems?

Automation is boosting how coils are made. It speeds up work, keeps every product the same, and trims down on human effort. These machines shine in big, fast-paced manufacturing settings.

How does ZongHeng’s coil winding technology stand out in the market?

ZongHeng’s coil winding gear is known the world over. It follows strict quality and innovation rules. Their tech is a hit in many places around the globe.

What types of CNC coil winding machines does ZongHeng offer?

You’ll find all types at ZongHeng, from miniature Coil Winders to big ones. Each machine is made to do special tasks in different fields. They all bring their own set of benefits.

What technical specifications should be considered in CNC coil winding machines?

When picking a machine, look at core size, wire fit, and how fast it winds. These features match the exact demands of making coils.

How important is software integration in CNC coil winders?

Software is key for extra control over winding. It makes things more flexible and efficient. Plus, it needs to play nice with Windows for the best operation.

What factors should be considered when choosing the right CNC coil winder?

Check the machine details, compare models, and see what custom setups they offer. This helps pick the perfect one for your needs and goals.

Can you provide a case study on ZongHeng’s CNC coil winding machines?

A case study on ZongHeng’s work would feature happy customers and cool uses in real life. People love these machines for making things easier and boosting quality.

What are some effective maintenance and troubleshooting tips for CNC coil winding machines?

Keep your machine in good shape with regular checks and quick fixes. Knowing how to solve common problems and getting help from experts is key. This keeps your machine running well.

What future trends are anticipated in CNC coil winding?

In the future, expect new tech that’s even faster and more custom. Experts say the demand for advanced winding solutions is only going up as industries develop more needs.

What are the primary benefits of automating coil winding processes?

Automating winding saves money and time. It also makes sure every product is of the best quality. This is crucial for keeping up a high standard of work.

What innovations has ZongHeng introduced in CNC coil winding machines?

ZongHeng keeps getting better thanks to feedback and new demands. Their latest products and updates stand out, earning them top awards. They’re seen as leaders in this technology.

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ZongHeng (since year 2007) is a leading manufacturer for precision CNC coil winding machine & equipment in Dongguan, Guangdong prince China. We have 3 production lines, annual production ability is 2000 units.
Our products bear international approvals and standards for Japan Europe USA. We have sold to buyers in about 30 countries worldwide.


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